WordPress Themes are a Hard Habit to Break

I never knew WordPress had soaked into my soul so deeply. Getting a little bored with the same old WordPress themes, I thought I’d play with Twitter Bootstrap some. (This post has little to do with PHP or WordPress, just as a disclaimer)

Here I am several weeks later, and I’m putting the finishing touches on an actual “How-to” book I wrote and am publishing for how to build unique Twitter Bootstrap Themes, quickly and easily. That’s the working title, as well. Needless to say, I’m now a big fan of Bootstrap.

I feel like a WP junkie though, because I really want to work in the comfort of this WP Admin page, and keep finding myself wanting to add that wp-admin after my Bootstrap site. And lord, am I missing the plugins. But the results are worth it. The Bootstrap site is more of a static site, but with password-protected resources and a sales squeeze. I would definitely not go that route for blogging. You learn to really appreciate CMSs after hand-coding a fairly complex site. And I’m still thinking of redirecting my “Buy It” buttons to another website of mine on WordPress so I can use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. Pippin Williamson spoke at my local WordCamp, and his work looks stellar. Almost worth writing a book or song, just so you can try out EDD.

So, keep your eyes peeled for A new Twitter Bootstrap book to be climbing the NYT best-seller list very soon. And do yourself a favor, and try out Bootstrap if you’re into designing/developing. It’ll give you a break from all the PHP, since you’re tinkering with HTML, CSS and JS with Bootstrap. And some cool third-party support as well.

It also makes me wonder: if I could write  (what I think is) a very comprehensive piece of reference material for a framework I had little experience with in a couple of weeks, what is the holdup with the CREATORS of the Thesis theme still having not released anything comprehensive or helpful to a large degree? That’s a thinker.

how to build bootstrap themes book cover
Buy The Book. It will change your life.