PHP vs Ruby

PHP vs Ruby 2012

I’m about to do what I con­demn other blog­gers of doing: post­ing a link as their arti­cle and call­ing it a day. That’s lazy blog­ging which I hate, and I admit I’m doing it (as if my con­fes­sion will right the wrong.) How­ever, I have 5 or so web­sites stacked up that are in need of imme­di­ate atten­tion, so they have to take some prece­dence. I need to restart my com­puter and to do that I like to be able to close out of each open tab and mark it as “Done.” And I haven’t done that in a week, which is freak­ing me out, and putting hours on my com­puter and elec­tric bill they don’t need.

How­ever, I wanted to share this, because it’s good and enlight­en­ing, but not enough to sta­ple it to the ol’ blogroll over there for posterity’s sake. So, here’s a good, quick read on php vs Ruby (not exactly Ruby on Rails) .  Enjoy! PHP vs. Ruby 2012: the smackdown