The Easiest Way to Install WordPress Locally

I have posted on this very web­site the eas­i­est way to install Word­Press locally, but have never actu­ally used the Bit­Nami Word­Press install until now. I’m totally self-taught, and have taught myself via trial and error, and error, and error, until I get it. The most inef­fi­cient method of all-time. Installing a local install of Word­Press and set­ting up a MySQL data­base and play­ing with MyPHP when you’re just get­ting started is only for the fool­hardy brave.

So, I’ve set up data­bases and stum­bled around in the back-end for days, weeks and months on end, and I have to admit: I don’t like it. I’m a front-end man. The knowl­edge is cer­tainly valu­able, espe­cially work­ing in teams, but it’s not ever going to be “my thing.”

So, as I was try­ing to remem­ber pass­words for my MyPHP account tonight with no luck, result­ing in an unin­stall of WAMP, I decided to actu­ally try using the Bit­Nami install for Word­Press. I have a new site, Add​CSS​.com, a site ded­i­cated to.…. guess what? Dog train­ing! Kid­ding; CSS. I love CSS and it’s some­thing I get excited about, so I’m going to set up a CSS site. I’m no Chris Coyier, but I want to be, as far as tech skillz. With a new, and pleas­ingly short, domain at the ready and WP 3.5 just being released this week, it’s time to set up a new local install. I neglected to take some pre­cau­tions with a few other sites of mine, and it tore them up. Another “trial and error” les­son: ALWAYS back up your WP data­base, deac­ti­vate your plu­g­ins, THEN install. Or, even bet­ter like I’m about to begin doing on a reg­u­lar basis, install locally, THEN deploy. I’ve been push­ing my much too much.

But I dis­cov­ered using the Bit­Nami install for WP is totally the way to do it, for peo­ple who aren’t into DB man­age­ment or just don’t want to be. It was really easy, and although I learned a ton via the hours I spent try­ing to do things the hard way, I am here to tell you to use the Bit­Nami install for the eas­i­est path. Seriously–it’s com­par­a­tively a breeze. Link is over in the side­bar if you need it.