The Easiest Way to Install WordPress Locally

I have posted on this very website the easiest way to install WordPress locally, but have never actually used the BitNami WordPress install until now. I’m totally self-taught, and have taught myself via trial and error, and error, and error, until I get it. The most inefficient method of all-time. Installing a local install of WordPress and setting up a MySQL database and playing with MyPHP when you’re just getting started is only for the foolhardy brave.

So, I’ve set up databases and stumbled around in the back-end for days, weeks and months on end, and I have to admit: I don’t like it. I’m a front-end man. The knowledge is certainly valuable, especially working in teams, but it’s not ever going to be “my thing.”

So, as I was trying to remember passwords for my MyPHP account tonight with no luck, resulting in an uninstall of WAMP, I decided to actually try using the BitNami install for WordPress. I have a new site,, a site dedicated to….. guess what? Dog training! Kidding; CSS. I love CSS and it’s something I get excited about, so I’m going to set up a CSS site. I’m no Chris Coyier, but I want to be, as far as tech skillz. With a new, and pleasingly short, domain at the ready and WP 3.5 just being released this week, it’s time to set up a new local install. I neglected to take some precautions with a few other sites of mine, and it tore them up. Another “trial and error” lesson: ALWAYS back up your WP database, deactivate your plugins, THEN install. Or, even better like I’m about to begin doing on a regular basis, install locally, THEN deploy. I’ve been pushing my much too much.

But I discovered using the BitNami install for WP is totally the way to do it, for people who aren’t into DB management or just don’t want to be. It was really easy, and although I learned a ton via the hours I spent trying to do things the hard way, I am here to tell you to use the BitNami install for the easiest path. Seriously–it’s comparatively a breeze. Link is over in the sidebar if you need it.