I’ve had this site up for a while, and have some pretty good articles floating around it. But this site was an experiment. And, over the years, WordPress PHP just isn’t that exciting for me to write about consistently. I don’t post often here, and although I get visitors, who are probably lost on the internet, there’s not a TON of traffic. Not surprising when the engine’s been idling for months and the site has basically gone dark.

I could hold onto the tld, wpphp is nice and short, but generally .net tlds are pretty lame. So……I’m thinking of selling this domain. If you’re interested, let me know via the contact form. I’m sure we can negotiate a deal if you’re serious. 0

Want to customize Jetpack and the sharing buttons it offers? By adding a simple filter you can actually avoid the Sharedaddy stylesheet from being enqueued.

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Building a Personal Web App Head To Toe With Symfony 2In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I have covered the basics of using Symfony 2 to develop a functioning web site. In this part of the tutorial, I will cover some more […]

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Craig looks at the new and improved features in WordPress 3.7. You may not notice anything, but your maintenance tasks are about to become easier…

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On October 18th 2013, I got an email inviting me to a new platform, Wizpert. Even though the service mistakenly identified me as the owner of Google’s PHP-for-GAE blog, I tested it out briefly, and formed a hasty opinion. Not half an hour later, their CEO, Michael Weinberg got in touch with me, wanting to […]

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Digital goods are an increasingly valuable commodity. Whether you’re a designer selling templates or font files, a developer charging for packages of code or a musician selling MP3s, selling digital goods online is often far easier than physical goods – with much lower production costs and no delivery charges. In this article I’ll show how […]

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This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Building a Personal Web App Head To Toe With Symfony 2In Part 1, I have shown you how to set up Symfony 2 and link up the database. We also covered some fundamental concepts of the framework. In this part, we will link things up […]

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Drupal is one of the most popular open source content management systems. It has a lot of functionality built in and thousands of free and paid modules to choose from for your site. It has a very extensible and flexible architecture which lets you build on top of the Drupal core and extend its functionality […]

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The introduction of web sockets makes it possible for web applications to handle near real-time data without resorting to “hacks” such as long-polling. One example of an application requiring up-to-the-minute data is sports scores. Even now, many websites which display this information use Flash applications, since Actionscript provides the facility to communicate over socket-based connections. […]

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Talk with the Experts this morning was a busy one, with close to a record number of attendees. Hardly surprising really, considering that the subject was PHP. Luckily for me, the experts were our very own developers Jude Aakjaer and Michael Sauter, and they were super quick off the mark. I didn’t even have to […]

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